A downloadable game for Android

Save your city... WITH MUSIC!

Missiles are falling and you must stop them! Use the power of loud, catchy music to destroy them in this unique rhythm game!

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fS6xLhTra14

"Once you get into the rhythm of things, BeatDefense is quite fun even if it is pretty simple" -- 148apps
"War may be hell, but BeatDefense looks to prove that the devil has the best tunes" -- PocketGamer
"Ever wonder what happens when you cross Guitar Hero with Missile Command? Me neither, but BeatDefense is setting out to answer that question anyhow" -- DroidGamer


  • Beautiful pseudo-retro graphics (old-school sprites with new-school lighting and day-night cycle. HD is not hardcore enough!)
  • Record your replay and share it on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook thanks to Everyplay!
  • The best music by the best Creative Commons artists
  • Particles everywhere
  • Too much groove
  • Happy dancing buildings
  • EIGHT levels that range from easy to totally unfair


BeatDefense 1.4 43 MB

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